The 2017 BC Data Science Workshop

The 2017 bcdata Data Science Workshop


This workshop will host 50 graduate students in mathematics and interested industry members for a two week foray into foundational and crucial elements of the rapidly expanding field of data science.

Prior to the workshop will be a prequel workshop covering requisite aspects of elementary mathematics and programming that will be assumed as background.

The first week of the workshop will kick-off on Monday morning, 8:30 AM, with a catered breakfast at the main location, UBC Robson Square. The first week will cover introductory data science material through morning lectures and afternoon hands-on mini-projects. There will also be a career panel on Wednesday August 16.

The second week will cover advanced topics in data science through morning lectures hosted by a diverse range of professors; and 5 week-long projects in teams of 10, each led by an industry mentor.

A first week schedule and second week schedule are available. For lecture notes, code and other workshop materials, please visit the associated GitHub repository.