Week 2: Advanced Topics


In the mornings of the second week of the workshop, we will host advanced lectures on topics pertaining to data science. These talks are expected to be more academic in nature, showcasing research and research tools used by professors in either academia or industry. Speaker bios and abstracts can be found below. For lectures notes and other materials, please visit the GitHub repository for the workshop.


Inferring the Past for Traits that Alter Speciation and Extinction

Speaker: Dr. Sarah Otto (UBC Zoology)

An Introduction to Compressed Sensing and Sparse Recovery Techniques

Speaker: Dr. Ben Adcock (SFU Mathematics)

Sequential Monte Carlo for Statistical Inference

Speaker: Dr. Bhushan Gopaluni (DAIS Lab)

Data Science in Linguistics: Extracting Phonotactics from Word Lists

Speaker: Dr. Paul Tupper (SFU Mathematics)